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--> The end of Entrepreneurs Week 2008

Entrepreneurs Week was a great success, with decent attendance at all events, and club membership increasing by over 400% as a direct result of the week's activities.

The Innovators Challenge final was the last hoorah for E-week 08, and what a send off it was!

After what felt like a week that lasted an eternity, the ending has absolutely inspired us to do more, bigger and better!!

The enthusiasm and energy in the room was fantastic to be a part of, and what a joy to watch everybodies efforts in the competition.

You can see the winning entries to the Innovators Challenge below:

Biggest Impact: tie between Cup of Hope and Dazzle
Most Sustainable: One Seed, One Dream
Most Commercial Potential: Yukandu
Most Daring / Creative:
Audience Choice: Nizmo
Biggest Flop: The World's Biggest Boat Race

--> Entrepreneurs Week 2008

Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new businesses or organizations, generally in response to identified opportunities or problems.

Far from being just a money-making game, new enterprises are increasingly being founded in response to social ills. As we begin to perceive the scope of our global challenges, we also begin to see that no societal force other than business is capable of delivering the magnitude of change we need in the limited time we have.

Today's successful business is about exploring new ways of making things happen in the world, seeing potential and pursuing it, and recognizing that now - more than ever - the market is receptive to thinking outside the box.

Entrepreneurs Week 2008 is an initiative of Student Entrepreneurs in partnership with units at the University of Melbourne committed to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation on campus.

Kicking it off with the opening ceremony on Friday 8 August, the Week's events include presentations by prestigious speakers, roundtable discussions, moderated panel discussions and the Innovators' Challenge competition.

The Innovators' Challenge, an "Apprentice-style" competition being run throughout the week, asks teams of students to create as much 'value' as possible from an assigned everyday object. 'Value' can be defined in economic, social, aesthetic or other terms. The prizes are all experiential and include:

  • lunch with the innovation team from Deloitte
  • lunch with social entrepreneur Nic Frances (Founder & Chairman, Cool NRG)
  • memberships and event passes for entrepreneur network The Churchill Club
  • subscriptions to entrepreneurship magazine Australian Anthill
  • rock climbing vouchers for the 'most daring' innovation
  • copies of famous startup business guide Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki

More information on the Innovators Challenge here

View the current agenda below, and mark your calendar! We'll see you there!

--> Event programme

All events except one take place at the University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. map

Friday 8 August 3:30 - 5:30pm
Opening Ceremony

Innovators Challenge launch - mystery object revealed!
Movie screening, 'Imagine it!'
MC & Facilitator: Mile Terziovski, Director, Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, University of Melbourne
Pre-register here
Presented in partnership with the Melbourne Graduate School of Management
Alan Gilbert Executive Lounge, corner Grattan and Barry streets

Monday 11 August 5:30 - 7:30pm
Student Start-ups

Moderated panel discussion of undergraduate students who run their own businesses

  • Phillip Kingston, Co-founder, University of Melbourne
  • James Masini, Founder, Hippo Jobs, RMIT University
  • James Sanders, Founder, The Hive, RMIT University
  • Ben Dyer, Co-founder and CTO, TaguchiMail, Monash University

MC & Facilitator: James Tuckerman, Editor-in-Chief, Australian Anthill
Pre-register here
Presented by Student Entrepreneurs
Copland Theatre, Economics and Commerce building

Tuesday 12 August 6:00 - 8:00pm
Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation

Round table discussion of entrepreneurs in sustainable industries.
Speakers include:

  • Nick Savaidis, Etiko Fair Trade
  • Mitch O'Sullivan, Waterwall Solutions
  • Alexi Lynch, Australia Manager of Cities for Climate Protection
  • Samantha Parsons, Family of Sam design
  • Cathy Parry, Owner of Ron D Swan: Bags and Cycling Accessories
  • Bruce Rowse, CarbonetiX
  • Cam Hines, Mountain Goat Brewery
  • Elizabeth Boulton, Logistick
  • Aldo Penbrook, Central Victorian Carbon Auditing Service

Pre-register here
Presented in partnership with the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab.
Copland Theatre, Economics and Commerce building

Tuesday 12 August 7:00 - 9:00pm
The Hive meets Paul Mathis

Meet up with Paul Mathis, the guy behind a long list of popular Melbourne restaurants including Transport, Taxi, Transit, Upper House and Lower House, Chocolate Buddha, Soulmama, Blue Train Cafe and Automatic. His latest project, opened in 2007, is the 100 Mile Cafe, a concept restaurant in the CBD sourcing 95% of its menu from within a hundred-mile radius.
Presented by The Hive.
100 Mile Cafe, Level 3, Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe Street

Wednesday 13 August 5:30 - 7:30pm
Global Entrepreneurship: New markets, new models

Featuring several speakers with experience in global start-up businesses.
Speakers include:

  • Murray McDonald, Co-founder, Floorbotics
  • Paul Scoullar, Co-founder, Southern Innovation
  • Odile Smadja, Managing Director, Australiamag

Places are limited: Pre-register here
Presented in partnership with AIESEC and AsiaLink.
YHM Theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre

Thursday 14 August 5:30 - 7:30pm
ICT & Entrepreneurship

Panel discussion on the information and communication technology industry.
MC & Facilitator: Drew Williams, Investment Director, Information City Australia
Places are limited: Pre-register here
Presented in partnership with National ICT Australia.
NICTA Brown Theatre

Friday 15 August 3:30 - 5:30pm
Closing Ceremony

Innovators Challenge judging and prizes awarded.
MC & Facilitator: Stephen Sammartino, Founder Rentoid, Author Startupblog
Pre-register here
Presented in partnership with the Melbourne Graduate School of Management
Alan Gilbert Executive Lounge, corner Grattan and Barry streets

--> Frequently asked questions

Who can attend Entrepreneurs Week events?

Events are open to everyone: all students, alumni, members of the greater Melbourne University community, and the general public. Only Melbourne University students can compete in the Innovators Challenge, though anyone can attend the exciting launch and finals events of the Challenge, and are encouraged to do so!

Do I need to register or RSVP?

Seating for all events is first come, first served, so plan to get there early! However, we appreciate if you pre-register so that we know the numbers for catering.

What is the cost?

All events are free, and free refreshments are served at all events.

How can I get involved?

For university students:

  • Participate in the Innovators Challenge and win prizes!
  • Volunteer to help out at an event and gain a more in-depth networking opportunity - potential volunteers should email
  • Join the Student Entrepreneurs mailing list to become part of the Melbourne University entrepreneurship community.
  • Attend as many events as you can!

For alumni, businesses and other members of the community who would like to be involved:

  • Donate audience prizes (giveaway items with or without your company logo).
  • Donate prizes for the Innovators Challenge winners.
  • Nominate judges for the Innovators Challenge.
  • Students at other universities: Come to the events, especially 'Student Start-ups: Moderated Panel Discussions'.
  • Plan to attend any or all of the events.

For other questions and enquiries, please contact

--> Partners and sponsors

Entrepreneurs Week 2008 is proudly presented in partnership with:

Prizes for the Innovators' Challenge generously donated by:

Additional sponsor:

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